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Not only artists, but many people communicating on a global scale have begun to address such paramount issues as global warming; the effects of the hole in the ozone layer; the depletion of our rain forests; and the debilitating impact of cancer, AIDS, and the Ebola virus on our communities, with an underlying consciousness of the delicate balance of life on our ever-shrinking planet.

Many artists have embraced new technologies in the computer graphics and videography mediums. These new mediums allow the artists to recombine drawings, paintings, photography, and video in an unprecedented manner because of the flexibility of storing various stages and themes in the development of new works. The delineations between imaging disciplines have so faded as to become almost seamless,limited perhaps only by storage space, budgeting, and time constraints. The entertainment world, by incorporating computer graphics for special effects, is also experiencing a renaissance in the creation of films. The scope of vision, special effects, and imagery are confined only by the creators' imaginations. As greater numbers of creative individuals begin exploring the possibilities of virtual reality, we artists find ourselves immersed in a rediscovery of our relationships to ourselves,one other, and our planet. The digital age will both improve and promote communication, and development of solutions to problems, on a global scale.

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